The Ugly Truth about Trump

Ugly truth of Trump

Fellow Liberty Warrior,  Chris J Gadsden, laid out a lot of ugly truth about old ‘dump truck’ in a recent post on Facebook. Chris clearly documents that he really isn’t such a hotshot businessman as he likes to claim to be. In fact his record isn’t much to brag about at all! Of course it’s well known fact that if you tell the same lie long enough you begin its the truth yourself!

Ugly truth post graphic 2016-01-07_11-01-25Folks don’t believe the spoon-fed bullshit the MSM beams out 24/7 about this used car salesman in an expensive suit. This is a man who started out on his own with about $300,000.00 in daddy’s money way back in the early 1970’s. In today’s money that is about $1.7 million! To give a bit more perspective for those too young to remember, you could buy a brand new Corvette off the show-room floor, fully loaded, for about $6,000 in 1972.

1972 Corvette

Let me tell you $6000 was a ton of money to most folks back then, and this guy could have bought fifty of these babies with the sack of cash daddy laid on him. So when I hear this guy brag about how great he is and his only real evidence of this self-imagined greatness is that look how rich I am. From the looks of that string of bankruptcies, Donnie’s business management skills look highly suspect at best, and in truth probably border on incompetence. The truth is a business history like his wouldn’t get you hired by many firms out here in the real world. I have seen small firms go bankrupt and nobody walked away a winner with millions of dollars in their bank account still and lots of prime real estate holdings!

Young Donnie also missed out on the anxiety of wondering when his number would be called up for the draft during the Vietnam War, which many men his age still remember all too well. Dump-truck got out of that little shindig through a series of draft deferments according to the Washington Post, or as another more critical writer had to say, Reminder: Donald Trump is a cowardly draft dodger!  Apparently his supporters can somehow overlook the facts of Trump’s less than spectacular business career and his less than conservative history, or perhaps it’s because they don’t read, but instead rely upon the boob tube for their opinions like this guy

I only believe what I see on TV

Yes he may be rich, but that’s about all that can be said for him, other than it is abundantly clear his outlandish statements are designed to create controversy. That of course equals headlines and let’s face it folks that’s all the mainstream media news has really been about for a long time. Which brings up the one thing Donnie is good at, making an ass of himself in public, and since he’s been running for president THIS TIME, he’s certainly been doing that with great regularity. He’s insulted virtually everyone under the sun with the same sort of hate inspiring rubbish these two have been spewing out for decades now.

Race baiters wishing for end of rascism

We’ll save that rant for another column though.  Back to the point at hand, one of the most irritating things I hear Trump supporter say, besides the nonsense of him being this amazing business man, is that he is a political outsider. Somehow I can’t stretch my imagination far enough to envision someone who is now in the midst of their third official run for the presidency, not to mention “all the times D.T. has pretended to run”.

This guy has been rubbing elbows with the Clinton’s for twenty years or more, invited them to one of his weddings and publicly said six months ago that Bill was his favorite president. Damn strange quotes to be coming from someone running as a Republican for any office don’t you think folks? He’s changed his mind about so many things, so often though one can hardly keep up. Last September he told Greta Van Susteren of Faux News: Trump: Beating Clinton in debate ‘would be one of the easy challenges of my life’ According to that Washington Times story he specifically said, “Well, I probably can think of nobody I’d rather debate. She was the worst secretary of state in the history of this country”.

Yet just a couple of months earlier a WSJ story reported that Donnie had “raved about her [Hillary’s] White House credentials”, and that he’s called Hillary, “very talented, very smart”. Then again speculation was running heavy that Trump’s whole campaign was version of the old bait and switch gag. U.S. Rep. Carlos Curbelo, R-Fla. had been quoted by Miami radio host Roberto Rodríguez Tejera as saying,

“I think there’s a small possibility that this gentleman is a phantom candidate. Mr. Trump has a close friendship with Bill and Hillary Clinton. They were at his last wedding. He has contributed to the Clintons’ foundation. He has contributed to Mrs. Clinton’s Senate campaigns. All of this is very suspicious.”

Rand Paul has likewise tried to bring out the truth about Trump’s checkered past, as he did in this clip from Fox in early August:  Rand Paul scorching Donald Trump  Rand Paul has certainly showed the whole nation just how uninformed Donnie really is about important issues we face as nation in the debates. Back in October it was Rand Paul who pointed out that his opponent has once again put his foot in mouth, explaining that China was not even part of the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership). In the last debate Trump’s lack of very basic knowledge, which any college freshman ought to know, became glaringly evident however. As Senator Paul told CNN,“Donald Trump Had Absolutely No Idea What The Nuclear Triad Is!  It could indeed fairly be said that “Rand Paul Destroyed Donald Trump on War Crimes and the 1st Amendment”.

Rand crushes Dec debate

Yet for all these rave reviews one would have thought from watching the boob tube that Rand wasn’t even there. And despite this, and having over-whelming evidence of Trump’s complete state of unpreparedness, (not to mention his disposition that’s completely unsuited for the job of POTUS), Donnie still remains the mainstream media’s golden goose. He’s constantly being interviewed and talked about and as this graphic clearly shows, this has given him significantly more national air time than any of the rest of the presidential contenders, which included a number of sitting U.S. Senators like Dr. Rand Paul of Kentucky.

Perhaps it’s because old Donnie boy really is a great showman, along the lines of Barnum & Bailey and truly is a master at playing the crowd! Still we all know how the media loves dirty laundry and Trump has surely got plenty hanging out on the line. Nearly five years ago Time ran a feature called “Top 10 Donald Trump Failures”! So why haven’t they gone after him and spoken up to say how completely ridiculous this campaign is? Just as ridiculous as them ignoring the flood of political pundits who raved about how Rand Paul destroyed the field in the last debate.

Despite what many of the talking heads on the boob tube & internet are saying, and what the “polls” say, this writer remains convinced that Donnie boy is in for a huge surprise when real votes start getting counted up over the next couple of months. I’ve personally made several hundred phone calls for Rand Paul’s campaign to likely voters in Iowa & Nevada recently and can tell you that is far from the sense I’ve gotten. I’ve talked to a few who have drank too much of his kool-aid, but I’ve talked to many more who absolutely won’t vote for Trump. In fact I’ve been told by nearly a half dozen people who identified as life-long Republicans who said they would stay home, or possibly even vote for a Democrat and known socialist to boot! The resounding chorus has been that the party better wake-up and #DumpTrump or expect to lose yet another presidential election. The truth is well over half the people I’ve talked to on the phone are still firmly undecided and plan to remain so for a few more weeks. As one gentleman in Iowa said, “there’s still plenty of time for any of them to stick their foot in their mouth”. Clearly Donald Trump is the odds on favorite in Vegas to win that bet. An awful lot of people seem to agree with this display that brought cheers from the crowd gathered for the big parade out in Pasadena.

Trump is disgusting skywriting_n



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